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Hello. here are a few thoughts that come to me as this year has passed. This was origionally a geometry assignment, but then i got bored with it.....

I learned that when you have to redo an assignment that you didnt understand three times, by the third time you usually get it.

I learned that taking tests while having low blood sugar can actually improve your average.

I learned that middle school stinks.... oh wait, i already knew that.

I learned that you can be smart enough to be in mostly AP classes, not taken any math since 9th grade, and still not know how to spell Canada.

I learned that you learn more about Japanese in intro to computer science than you do about computers.

I learned that you learn more about making new backgrounds in intro to computer science than you do about computer science.

I learned how to spell paralell.

I learned what a neko is. I learned how to spell neko. I learned how to say i eat nekos. Neko o tabemasu.

I learned that study habits that you always say that you will keep, you never do.... well, maybe if you're not me.....

I learned how to write proofs. I learned how to want to smash proofs with a sledgehammer.... did i say that out loud?

I learned that geometry class and nap time are not the same thing..... biology on the other hand.....

I learned that i need to study more to get good math grades.

I learned that it's not a good idea to try and do homework the next morning even if it's due 7th hour.

I learned that i hate anything that even remotely has anything to do with algebra..... hey, i already knew that too!!!

I learned that if i check my work more carefully, I can get better grades.

I learned that even if i say that i will check my work, i usually don't.

I learned that losing geometry portfolio worksheets is a BAD thing.

i learned that geometry is more fun when you're sitting with cool people.

I learned that journals in ics don't have to be boring.

I learned that AOL instant messenger and imstant coffee are not the same thing.... but they can both keep you up all night.

I learned that it's not a good idea to ranma with warm water while she's wearing a dress.

I learned that this Hour Has 22 Minutes kicks ANY american show any time.

I learned that almost geometry equation will have a right triangle in it somewhere.

I learned that sailor moon is cool as long as its not dubbed.

I learned that sitting in biology class is more fun than getting beaten over the head with a piccolo. Or tuba. Or a monkey wrench. Or a monkey. But not that much.