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Your mission should you choose to accept it:

You have one week to create the next chapter of Samurai Pizza Cats. The story will be in a comic book format so you must use both words AND pictures. If art isn't your strength, that's okay. If MS Paint is all that you can draw with, fine. If all you can draw is stick people fine. Do your best, but remember, you have one week. Rough sketches are more than fine. Either black and white or color is acceptable. Don't use overly huge file sizes or really wierd file formats on your images. This will make me not happy.

Comics with hentai, excessive profanity, and/or excessive violence are will not make me feel warm and fuzzy inside and won't be posted. I, the webmaster reserve the right to not post a comic if it is deemed inappropriate. If you have questions on whether something is appropriate, PLEASE email me.

If a person is more than three days late on their comic, the next person posting a comic is to start from where the last comic left off. The person whose comic was late will have to re-sign up if they still want to do a comic. If you are scheduled to do a comic, but can't for any reason, please talk to me.

once the comic is posted, that person is done UNLESS they want to make changes to the artwork itself, grammar errors, or want to add something that has no relevance to the plot. Once it's posted though, there's nothing that can be changed that will affect what the next person is doing.

Once you finish your comic, email it to me and I should have it posted shortly after that, probably within a few hours.

Those of you who happened to stumble across this page and have no idea what Samurai Pizza Cats is, this should help at least a little.

Still feeling crazy enough to try this? Go here to see where an open spot is to sign up

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